Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update troubles

  I always have a running conflict in my mind about updating/upgrading my computer hardware and software. Hardware is not to bad as long as I have the money but software always seems to cause trouble. As an example I tried updating Eclipse and Android Development Tool  on two of my computers. First of all it's a slow process of downloading. Then once it's downloaded and installed it will tell you that something else is needed. So then you download that. Also I had the problem of the installer not being able to move the old files because it was using them. I had to make a copy of the ADT and run that so the installer could change the files. When you think you are all done you find out your App projects have a bunch of new errors. I spent hours Googling for answers. Meanwhile as the updates were being installed I worked on a new look for an app Icon.
Lesson learned: I should probably wait to update Eclipse until after the project is finished.
But on the other hand I did learn more about Eclipse, ADT and more.