Thursday, March 27, 2014

Current changes to my fuel app

 Older Icon

 Older Icon

 Current Icon

I've made a few changes to my fuel tracking app. First I changed the look of the Icon which probably does not meet design guidelines but I like the look. 
Second I changed the background of the activities to a very light pale green instead of an image. I think there are a few benefits to doing that which less memory used, quicker response and less worry about which way the phone is turned.
Third is that I put the vehicle list organisation in it's own class file which is more object oriented than before and also helps me keep track of the code better.

Problems I am having.
I am not sure how to get the database to run in it's own thread. Actually I am not sure how to get anything to run in it's own thread. When I google for an answer there appears to be lots of different ways to do it and none of the examples fit my needs exactly. I'm sure I'll get it eventually.
 I also want the app to automatically determine if it should use Metric or US standard.