Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Year review and new book

After reviewing my time tracking records it appears that I have only worked on Android app creation about 187 hours last year or roughly half an hour a day on average. I am disappointed with myself about this.  I need to better schedule my time. 
      This year is starting out worse. I have been avoiding working on my app because I am stuck trying to convert my gas mileage app to  a SQLite database storage. It was originally storing the data as a text file. To learn about databases I made a database test app in which I can use to study and workout the bugs before applying it to my mileage app. I am frustrated the information on SQLite. All of the online examples seem to do it in a different way and none of the previous books I bought really cover databases in detail. Which brings me to my next purchase "Professional Android 4 Application Development" a book by Reto Meier. I am just getting in to the book so I can't give a proper review other than to say it's a more advance book with lots of detail. It's not a light book to read on a lazy afternoon.

My new years goal is to have an app worthy of uploading to Google play.

How I will achieve this is by better scheduling and devoting more time and focus on writing my apps. 

10,000 hour to Mastery.
10,000 - 545.75 = 9454.25 hours left