Sunday, December 8, 2013

Negative People

 Slowly but surely getting there. My goal for this up coming year is to have at least one app I am pleased with enough  to upload to Google Play. Not an easy thing to do when you have so many other things in life that need to be done like paying bills. I do have to keep from discussing my apps with negative people though. One App idea I am working on is a fuel tracker ( miles per gallon). I told one person and their response was "There's already apps like that" to which I replied "Yes, but they are not mine".

   I decided to use a Spinner for vehicle selection instead of a ListView for my fuel tracker app. I think it makes more sense to use the Spinner drop down list. This is a test Spinner I made to get a better understanding of what is needed. Now I need to integrate it in to the fuel tracker app. 

10,000 hour to Mastery.
10,000 - 529.5 = 9470.5 hours left