Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buggy IDE

  There is a certain bitter frustration programmers, coders, developers, hackers and students get when their IDE ( in my case Eclipse) gives you errors such as "R cannot be resolved to a variable". 

  Your first thought is where did I mess up. Well I was following a book " Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development" and I did a clean project and all of a sudden I get the errors. So I double and triple checked my work and then went over the book a few time to make sure I did not miss anything.I Googled the error and got results such as your layout XML has a mistake or you need to clean your project, all of which I tried to do. Out of frustration I deleted my whole project and imported the finished code from the book's website. The results were exactly the same...

  I put away the book convinced that it was the problem and stepped away from doing any coding for a number of days. To get back in to the swing of programming on my return I opened a couple apps that I knew worked before and tried to run them. They would load on to the emulator but then crash and I would have to force close them. So I did a clean project and got the dreaded error again  on projects I knew worked. Back to google and desperately trying to find an answer when I came across this.

The answer was to update Android SDK.
Everything appears to be working correctly now. Time to get the book back out or work on some of my own ideas. I am glad I found an answer but I don't think I could say I was happy, I am just glad the problem is fixed

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