Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 I have reached a small milestone  in my 10,000 hours to Mastery. Officially I have recorded 400 hours of study and practice  since I started keeping track. Unofficially I estimate about 620 based on an average of 1.25 hour per day. A long way to go and I still feel like a beginner but I also feel I am making progress.

10,000 hour to Mastery.
10,000 - 400 = 9600 hours left  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eclipse annoyance

  I was changing some text in string.xml and noticed that the text did not update in the graphical layout preview window. I tried save, refresh and clean which would only change the text in the main preview but not in the other device previews ( as shown in the screen capture). The only way I could have it update the views was to select a different main device view then switch back.

I am coming up on 400 hours of study and practice which is about 1 hour a day on average. That number is from when I started keeping track. I estimate about 600 hours total since I started to learn Android. I have conflicting feelings about it. I feel good that I have stuck to it although at times I have not done as much as I could have. I feel depressed on the other hand that I have this many hours in and still feel like a beginner. On the bright side I do feel like I am getting the hang of it.

 Android is changing so fast that the books I have on Android which are less than 2 years old are outdated. I rely on the internet far more for learning. There are so many resources, blogs, videos, websites and communities like those you find in Google plus.

10,000 hour to Mastery.
10,000 - 396.5 = 9603.5 hours left