Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting back to Android


   After a 10 day unintentional break from studying Java and Android , I have rededicated myself to mastering Android. Soon it will be a new year and I want to publish my first App on Google play. Although making a bit of money from it would be great, I don't expect my first distributed app to make much of an impact. What I do expect is that it will give me a better understanding of what I need to do to make a successful app.

10,000 hour to mastery.
10,000 - 347.5 = 9652.5 hours left

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The need to learn XML

   In my study of Java  I forgot the need to also learn a bit of XML . I will need to know XML better if I am going to make Android apps. I don't think I will buy a book on the subject . I should be able to get a good understanding of it from online. One thing I am going to have to do for the switch over to Android programming  from Java is changing from Swing to Android.... hmm I don't even know what class in android I would use for GUI. Activity maybe?

10,000 hour to mastery.
10,000 - 344.75 = 9655.25 hours left

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting back to Android

 I have spent a lot of hours studying Java to get to the point to do what I actually wanted to and that is making Android apps. Hours of reading both books and online. Hours of doing the examples in the books  watching hours of videos and also time spent on trying to program my own things. Unless you have a perfect memory don't believe any title that says "Learn   fill in the blank  in 24 hours". Even if you have a perfect memory you still have to be able to understand it and apply what you have learned. In Java there are only 50 or so Keywords but there are thousands of classes and methods. Then you add on top of that all the Android code... I suppose the best way  would be to figure out what you want the program to do then research to see if there is a classes that could do what you need.

10,000 hour to mastery.
10,000 - 341.75 = 9658.25 hours left

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Head First Java

  I am close to finishing the book Head First Java and all of it's example programs  for a second time but this time just using notepad and command line with no help from Eclipse. It has given me a better idea of the structure and watching my typing closer. I am finding that most of the compile errors are typing mistakes.

 One thing that someone studying programming is that there is the language and then there is the logic of what you are trying to do. Much like the difference of  knowing English and writing a story.

10,000 hour to mastery.
10,000 - 333.75 = 9666.25 hours left