Friday, June 29, 2012

More time to practice

   After almost 2 months of a heavy work schedule and no time for Java studies, things have slowed down and now I can get back to studying.

   I came across an "error" in the  Java head first book. They had more then one "public" class in the answer to the puzzle on page 194. Either that or they did not do a good enough of explaining that the classes should be in their own files. Also the printer messed up with an answer illustration in which the lines were drawn to show the correct matches on page 195. Still a great book to learn Java.

  It can be frustrating trying to make sense of errors in lessons and answers  but I think you learn a little more thoroughly trying to understand it. NOT that writers, publishes and teachers should make errors on purpose. I think we all have enough frustrations in life, we can do without these.

10,000 hour to mastery.    
10,000 - 127 = 9873 hours left