Thursday, September 29, 2011

A work around

I found that if I change the Graphical layout editing config  to less than Android 3.0 ( Android 2.3.3) it shows the correct color  but now it does not show the title bar...

Eclipse layout view

I found an annoying problem  with Eclipse graphical layout view. I was trying to set the background color by -android:background="#44ff33" ( a bright green) and I kept seeing black as a background in the graphical layout tab. I tried validating the xml and the whole app but the background stayed black. Finally I ran it in emulator and the emulator showed the correct color. So....  there is something wrong with Eclipse. Either I don't have preferences set right or it is a bug. First things first , I updated the program. That did not fix the problem. I can't imagine a preference setting that tells Eclipse not to show the correct  background color but I suppose it is possible. I searched online for an answer but had no luck. This is something I will just have to keep in mind when setting colors.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stumbling block

It has been 15 days since my last post. Mainly it is because I haven't done any serious work with Android. I have read a little bit here and there. I guess I have been avoiding it because I have reached a mental barrier , a feeling that I just don't get it.

Failure mode of thinking and getting over it.
   I need to find little successes, little milestones as I go along and reward myself  for them getting to them to   help motivate me.

Plans for getting back on track:
1 Restart from the beginning  of the first book
2 Do every step in the book.
3 Make notes as I go and write down any questions I might have..
4 Research any of those questions.
5 Spend at least 1 hour every day doing this with no distractions
6 While doing this have eclipse open and running even if I don't think I will be needing it at the time.
7 Try to dissect and understand sample apps included with ADK.
8 When finished proceed to book two and do the same thing I did with book one.